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Home Courses vous propose des cours dans les langues suivantes :

  • Anglais
  • Espagnol
  • Français

Niveau 1  : Vrai débutant (true beginner)

  • Peu ou pas familiarisé avec la langue ciblée.

Niveau 2 : Débutant /  Elemaire (beginner / elementary)

  • Compréhension : l'élève est capable de comprendre des expressions simples de la vie quotidienne, des informations de   bases et identifier le sujet d'une conversation dans la langue ciblée.
  • Expression orale : l'élève est capable de formuler des questions de façon claire et compréhensible permettant d'enrichir davantage les informations citées au-dessus. Pas seulement, quel est votre nom? mais plutôt, que font tes parents dans la vie?
  • Lecture : l'élève arrive à suivre des histoires simples ou des textes de base.
  • Expression écrite : l'élève est en mesure de construire lui-même des phrases simples en respectant des structures sur un thème donné.

Who is Eric Chastanet?

I come from one of the oldest families in the West Indies; My dad's Great-grand father was a noted mechant and served as the Vice Consul of France in Sainte Lucia. A plaque recognizing this is located in Castries. My own father was a Caribbean businessman and he played an active part for the development of the business sector in CARICOM. Because of my father's job I was born in South America. So basically, I grew up in America until I was fifteen. Then I moved to my Uncle's in the Caribbean. When my father passed away my mother moved to London. I have spent my whole life travelling, learning and teaching.


Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Education can be a head game... an affair of the mind. But teaching is an affair of the heart. If you are like me, you probably can think of one or two teachers in your lifetime that have changed how you view yourself and the world, and thus, helped change your future. Those "Magicians" are the ones that challenge us, encourage us to dream and to achieve.

Teaching is wonderfully human,and for lack of a better word, pure. But let's keep in mind that teaching is pretty serious stuff. Teaching is  a profession that nurtures our children, the next generation, so that they may take their rightful place at the helm of human race, and steer it in the right direction.

I will sometimes remember of a teacher I had when I was a student in America. I wish I could take some of those classes over again. I must say Dear professor, your class in Theoritical Mechanics when I was at college meant the world to me. I hung on your every word. You spoke of Einstein as if you knew him. And the way you embraced your students, gently guiding us through a brave new world, allowed us to feel we knew Einstein too. From that moment, I felt connected to a legacy of exploration.

To my parents and my teachers. Thank you for showing me the way. As my gift to you, know that I've tried to continue your legacy.


Why HomeCourses ?

My life is focused on assisting and helping people to learn languages ( English and Spanish). Teaching abroad allowed me the opportunity to experience various cultures and people. There are many ways of teaching but for most people learning is  a hard  task to do.

The Art of teaching consists on the principle of being able to re-adapt new methods, concepts, skills and processes that the students are to learn. The benefits afforded by private tuition are enormous. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher for yourself with lesson plans and strategies designed just for you !!

This is the simple idea behind HOMECOURSES.

That's what I look forward to....